Bertazzoni Italian Ranges


It’s no secret that professional style stainless steel ranges are hot right now. (No pun intended!) We all love the idea that with restaurant quality equipment like this,  our cooking will somehow automatically be elevated to the  level of Mario Batali. It may not get you that far, but the right range can make a difference in how much you enjoy cooking and in the quality of the meals you create. And it will make a HUGE difference in the look of your kitchen!

Bertazzoni Italian Ranges

If you are searching for something unique and special in a range, I have three words for you. MADE IN ITALY! Bertazzoni appliances are made in the Parma region of Italy and have an old world European look with clean lines and touches of brass. On top of that, the ranges are painted in the Ferrari automobile factory so their cool factor is off the charts! They perform amazingly well and they are stunningly beautiful as the centerpiece of your kitchen. To top it all off, they are surprisingly affordable! A complete Bertazzoni package of appliances for your kitchen can come in at under $10,000. Stainless steel is still always a good choice, but white appliances are making a comeback, which is not surprising when you consider how popular white kitchens are. (The Kitchn)  And of course we absolutely love the smooth chic look of a black range next to light cabinets.

Beautiful Bertazzoni Italian ranges! I want one! | Duerden's Appliance

If you really want to make a bold statement in your kitchen, we’ve got some colorful jaw- dropping ranges that will really pack a punch! You may not be able to have a Ferrari in your garage, but you can have a sleek Bertazzoni Ferrari yellow range in your kitchen!

Check out some of our favorite Bertazzoni kitchens from Pinterest!

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