We will be selling artisan bread to benefit a local man who is in need of a hospital bed for his home. Stop in and grab some loaves! Flavors include: Pesto, Sun-Dried Tomato, Asiago, Nutella and more.


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Our In-store demonstrations this month feature family recipes from Sugar Bliss Cookies! Here is their favorite Artisan Bread recipe that we’ll be baking on 7/16 at 10 am and 7/18 at 5 pm. (It will be adapted for the steam oven)

4 ½ cups flour

¾ tsp active dry yeast

2 ¾ tsp kosher salt

2 ¼ cup water

In large bowl combine ingredients together and stir until blended. Mixture is very sticky and messy. Cover with plastic wrap and let sit for 12- 24 hours. It will rise a little and start to look really wet and bubbly.You can use dough as early as 8 hours and as late as 36 hoursTurn dough out onto a floured surface. Lightly turn the dough onto itself a few times. DO NOT KNEAD IT!

Let it sit for 20 minutes to rest. Put your dutch oven in a 450 degree oven while it is preheating. The pan needs to stay in the oven for about 20 minutes.Take the hot pan out of the oven and place the dough ball in the pan. You don’t need to grease or butter the pan.With a sharp knife, cut an X into the top of the dough.

Bake for 35 minutes with the lid on, and another 10-15 minutes with the lid off at the end. The crust should brown nicely and when you tap the top of the bread, it should sound hollow.

Remove from pan and allow to cool before slicing.

VARIATIONS: add any of the following

¾ tsp dried basil

1 ½ tsp garlic powder

1 ½ cup mozzarella

1 cup shredded parmesan cheese

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Community Fundraiser Fridays with Tammi

Bountiful has been home to Deurden’s for 60 years and so this community is very near and dear to our hearts. We have three generations of loyal customers who believe in shopping at locally owned small businesses like ours and we know how lucky we are to have them. So many of our clients have become like family to us. One of those special clients is Tammi!

Fundraiser Fridays - come join us! | Duerden's Appliance

Meet Tammi

Tammi is a serious baker with a generous heart and a happy spirit. We had no idea of all that she does to help our community until she called us about a range that wasn’t working. She needed to  produce a huge quantity of breadsticks for a bake sale the following day. We offered to host the event and let her fire up the 15 ovens in our showroom to get the job done. In the process, we learned that Tammi has been holding bake sales out of her home and calling them Fundraiser Fridays!

Fundraiser Fridays - come join us! | Duerden's Appliance

One Friday of each month Tammi picks a recipe, lets everyone know what she’s baking, and gets to work on turning out some incredible treats. It may be flavored artisan bread (pesto, sun dried tomato, parmesan,cinnamon, nutella), cinnamon rolls, soft breadsticks, cookies or even chocolates. She relies on her family, neighbors and friends to lend a hand in the preparation.

Fundraiser Fridays - come join us! | Duerden's Appliance

She does this to benefit a different family in our area who could use some financial help due to illness, injury, missed work or other tragedy. In May and June the fundraisers were for the Jaggi family of Woods Cross. They have suffered some devastating medical problems and the medical bills to go along with it.

Fundraiser Fridays - come join us! | Duerden's Appliance

Fundraiser Fridays

Tammi raises enough money to make a difference by suggesting a price for her goodies, but then allowing people to donate whatever amount they choose in an anonymous donation jar. We now host Fundraiser Fridays once a month and are so thrilled to be able to give back to the community that means so much to us! We would love to have you stop in during our next event! Find out more about Fundraiser Fridays  and Tammi’s baking classes in the store or here on the blog.

Fundraiser Fridays - come join us! | Duerden's Appliance

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Fundraiser Friday: Bake Sale

Duerdens Fundrasier Friday - Jaggi-13

Meet the Jaggi Family: We are raising money through our bake sale to help the Jaggi family of Woods Cross. The father, Chad, was diagnosed with angiosarcoma which is an aggressive and rare form of cancer. He has had two surgeries to remove a tumor and lymph node as well as to replace his tibia. In December last year his leg snapped, breaking through a titanium plate. A third surgery was performed in January to repair the leg and he is still recovering from this. Chad is unable to work and the family is in need of financial help to pay the extensive medical bills. His wife, Stephanie has had her own medical problems recently including a radical hysterectomy, swollen spleen and mononucleosis. This sweet family could really use our help!

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