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Models: WM3670HWA & DLEX3570W
Was: $899 Now: $699 

Model: LFXS3076S
Was: $3,739 Now: $2,399

Up to $1,200 from G.E and up to $600 from our buying group
(on select models)

Buy 3 qualifying pieces and receive your dishwasher FREE! ($1,100 value)

Serta Perfect Sleepers: 50%off
2 FREEE pillows with purchase of $699 or more
12 month no interest financing (O.A.C. see store for details)
Serta iComfort: FREE box spring
Serta Adjustable Bases: Up to $1,000 off
60 day Comfort Guarantee





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6 Steps to Better Dishwasher Performance

Is your dishwasher ready to take on all those dirty holiday meal dishes? If not, here are some tips to get better dishwasher performance during its hardest working season!

You can't complain about better dishwasher performance! Love these tips! | Duerden's Appliance

You may find that your dishwasher isn’t working like you expected even if it is fairly new. You may even wonder why they don’t make them like they used to. The truth is that dishwashers and dishwashing detergent have changed completely and we need to adjust to how we use them. It used to be that dishwashers used 35 gallons of water and phosphate-based detergents. In 2010 phosphates were eliminated from detergents, leaving a lot of users disappointed and manufacturers in a panic. At the same time, the Department of Energy has become more stringent on the amount of water and energy a dishwasher can consume before it can be released for production.

You can't complain about better dishwasher performance! Love these tips! | Duerden's Appliance


The good news is that dishwashers, if used properly, can actually do a better job than they used to. Here is our advice on how to get the best performance from your machine:

1. Use the right detergent.

Manufacturers have tried every detergent available and rated Finish Quantum soft tablets the best. We have also tried these in the dishwashers in our showroom and agree that they are the top performing product.

2. Make sure your rinse aid reservoir is full.

Rinse aid is very important because it causes the water to sheet over the dishes instead of beading up and causing spots. It also helps them dry better. Any brand of rinse aid is fine.

3. Don’t rinse your dishes before loading them.

Just scrape off the bigger chunks of food and throw them in. The white powder in your Finish tablet is an enzyme that will biologically react with the food on your plates. If there is no food, the powder will become a chalky film on the dishes.

4. Run the hot water in your sink before you start the dishwasher.

Most dishwashers have the ability to heat the water, but they may take the whole cycle to do it. Better dishwashers such as Asko, Bosch, G.E. and Kitchen Aid have a guaranteed water temperature and won’t start counting down the cycle until that temperature is reached.

5. Run the dishwasher whenever you want.

We know your mom taught you not to run it until it was completely full. Back then she was right because her dishwasher used 35 gallons of water and was louder than a freight train! With our new dishwashers that use 2-3 gallons of water, even a half full dishwasher is more energy and water responsible than washing dishes by hand. Also, dishwashers are so quiet now that they can be run while you’re watching TV in the same room.

6. Clean your dishwasher with vinegar.

If you live in an area with hard water you will get a build-up of white film inside the dishwasher. When you see this, pour two cups of white vinegar into an empty dishwasher and run a full cycle. It will look brand new on the inside!Good luck and happy dishwashing!

You can't complain about better dishwasher performance! Love these tips! | Duerden's Appliance

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Get the best prices and rebates of the entire year during our Labor Day Sale!

Here are some of the deals:*
– Up to $2500 in rebates on G.E. Profile appliance packages.
-$50 mail in rebate with purchase of a Bosch dishwasher.
-$50 mail in rebate with purchase of G.E. washer/dryer sets
-Buy 3 G.E. Cafe qualifying appliances and get a dishwasher free. (with mail in rebate)
-Free 5 piece cookware set with any G.E. induction range or cooktop. (by mail)
-Up to $200 off on LG washers/dryers.
-Free box spring with any Serta iComfort mattress purchase.
-Up to $800 off Serta adjustable bases.
-50% off Serta Perfect Sleeper mattresses.
-2 free cool gel memory foam pillows with mattress purchase of $799 or more.
-12 month no interest financing. O.A.C.

*See store for details.



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Don’t miss out on big savings during our annual tent sale! This appliance clearance event will feature factory closeouts, floor models and scratch and dents. Broil King grills will be 40% off and Serta Perfect Sleeper mattresses will be 50% off. See you there!


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Hi, I’m Sheri!


When my husband Todd and I bought Duerden’s about 3 years ago it completely rocked my world. I had been a stay at home mom to my two girls and suddenly I was not only living and breathing appliances and mattresses, but I was learning how to be a business partner with my husband!

Throughout the years as we have needed to replace different appliances or mattresses in our homes, I’ve always dreaded the whole shopping experience .  Appliances seemed like mysterious, EXPENSIVE pieces of equipment that I thought were boring. I didn’t care HOW they worked, I just needed to know that they  DID work and that I could get the laundry done and whip up some mac & cheese in the least amount of time possible. I never felt like the salespeople cared about  what I actually needed or knew enough to explain the products to me.  And don’t get me started on mattresses! I knew I’d be dealing with a pushy salesperson who wanted to go on and on about coils and foam and then charge me WAY too much. But I gritted my teeth and endured those shopping trips, hoping that I wouldn’t have to do it again for another 10 years!

Now that I am on the other end of this scenario, I have learned a few things. As a wife and mom who actually does all the laundry and cooking in our home, and now as a retailer of appliances and mattresses, I know what is important to you. In this partnership Todd is the ultimate product expert and I am the one who will give you a woman’s perspective on how to make informed decisions about your appliances and mattresses. I’m excited to share what I have learned with you!

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