Ahhh, it’s that wonderful time of year when we all start spending time outside and grilling up a storm in our back yards! If you’re lucky, you have the room to install a full outdoor kitchen like this one.


For most of us though, all we have to work with is a small patio or deck that may also be home to some dying potted plants and your air conditioner. So you need to find the best grill that fits your space and your budget. And, most importantly, you need to be able to grill “the perfect steak”!


In our quest to find the best method for cooking steak, we experimented with 4 different techniques. Our customers rated the flavor of the steaks and here are the  results in order of their favorites:

  1. *Sous-Vide (water bath) then sear
  2. *Sous-Vide (steam oven) then sear
  3. Sear then grill
  4. Bake then sear

*Sous-vide is a french term meaning the food is sealed in plastic bag and placed in a water bath. The water is set to a specific temperature so the food cooks evenly and over a long period of time. This is a video showing the sous-vide process on a Monogram induction cooktop:


    We used our Monogram 36″ induction cooktop to prepare the steaks by putting them into airtight bags with a bit of butter and seasonings. We then set the water temperature in a large pot to 130 degrees, the target for a rare steak. The cooktop comes with a blue-tooth connected temperature sensor that immerses in the water and gives a reading to the cooktop. You will never over-cook your meat using this method. Then we fired up the sear burner on our Napoleon Pro 500 grill to 1200 degrees. Once the steak had been in the bath for 40 minutes, we seared it for 90 seconds per side. This steak was the clear winner, perfectly tender and juicy!
    Using the same idea but without the plastic bag, we put the next steak into our Wolf steam oven. We set the steam at 135, and plugged a temperature probe into the steak. Then we programmed the oven to cook the steak up to 130 degrees. Once it hit that temperature, we finished the steak in the same way with a 1200 degree sear on the Napoleon Pro 500 for 90 seconds per side.  This method took second place and tasted fantastic, just not quite as tender as the winner!IMG_1979



Starting with salted and peppered room temperature steaks, we seared them at 1200 degrees for 90 seconds per side. We then finished them at 350 degrees in the main compartment of the Napoleon 500 grill, cooking them to an internal temperature of 135 degrees. We let them rest for 5 minutes before cutting into them. The steaks were delicious and juicy!
Using our G.E. Profile convection oven, we set a temperature probe in the meat to a target temperature of 130 degrees, and baked the steaks at 180 degrees. We finished these off at 90 seconds per side on the Napoleon pro 500 sear burner. Much better tasting than just throwing a cold steak onto the grill!



We hope you’ll try all four of these methods and find the one that helps you create your “perfect steak”!

You can check out all of our grills in action Saturday, April 29th during our grilling season kickoff event. We carry Broil King, Napoleon, Lynx, Coyote, Viking and Wolf grills. Hope to see you there!

Also, look for our television grilling segments: Thursday, April 27th on the ABC Midday news at 11am; Friday, April 28th on Good Things Utah at 9am; and Friday, April 28th on Fox 13 Midday news at 11am.



We get questions all the time about what a convection oven does. People are confused and intimidated by it, so let us shed some light on how a convection oven can help you be a better cook!

Why use convection?

You may think you need special training to use it, but it’s actually really simple.   Convection makes everything better because rather than cooking from the bottom up, it cooks food from the outside in. Convection ovens have fans that constantly circulate the air around your food so that the top, bottom and sides are all experiencing the same temperature. Also, because it constantly introduces fresh hot air, it is more efficient. This means you will not only be able to cook things quicker, but you’ll be able to cook things BETTER!


Two things our customers worry about with convection cooking that they really don’t need to:

  1. The first is the fear it that the fan will dry out your food.   That would be true if we cooked with the door open, but we don’t. The moisture stays in the oven cavity and is constantly circulated back into your dish, so you will actually lose less moisture than in standard baking.
  2. The second concern is that you will have to adjust all your favorite recipes. Nearly all consumer ovens come with an automatic conversion feature.  This will calculate the appropriate convection temperature for whatever you enter based on your old recipe. It will automatically drop the temperature by a certain percent based on how that oven has tested.   (You can turn this feature off if you prefer manually setting the temperature).   Even if you don’t have this feature, you can just drop your temperature by 30 degrees and you’ll be fine.   If you want to be more precise, you can visit


There are two main types of convection:

  1. Standard convection means that the heat is coming from elements on the bottom, just like your classic oven, and that the fan is circulating the air. Some electric ovens use this method, as do all gas ovens. This will do a great job on roasts, casseroles, and single sheet baking. Where it will struggle is baking multiple racks at the same time.   Because the heat is still coming from the bottom up, you will see different results for the top, middle, and bottom racks.
  2. The second type is true convection. If you hear the term European or True European, it is the same thing.   The difference is that heating elements are added to the fans, so the heat is coming from the back rather than the bottom.   Now you are able to bake on all of your racks and get the same result.



Our experience with convection:

Since we have 12 live ovens in the showroom, we are always experimenting with different recipes and cooking methods. This has really helped us learn and given us confidence in what we recommend to our customers. Here are some things our experience has taught us:

  1. We bake absolutely everything on convection and find that the results are always superior to standard thermal oven cooking.
  2. Baking enthusiasts should avoid gas ovens and get true convection electric ovens.   If you prefer to cook with gas, we offer dual fuel ranges that offer gas cooking on top and electric baking in the oven.
  3. The size of the fan means nothing. Don’t assume that a model with a large fan will perform better than one with a smaller fan. The importance is how even the air flow is, not the speed of the air.
  4. Listen to our finicky bakers. When customers love to bake, we avoid trying to recommend a particular model. Instead, we invite them to bring in their favorite recipe and try it in as many of our ovens as they like. No matter how many bakers have taken us up on this challenge, the results are always the same. The top performer is always a Wolf wall oven. If this works with her budget, that is what she’ll select. If she doesn’t want to spend the money on the Wolf, she will select a GE Profile or GE Café convection oven. They are fantastic baking ovens at an affordable price.
  5. Give yourself some credit. If your current oven has a heating element you can see in the bottom (appliance people call these coat hangers) and if you don’t have convection, you have no idea if you are a good baker. Try using convection, and see how great you can be!


This crisp, clean kitchen remodel is one of our favorites because of its airy style and efficient use of space. Our clients entertain their family and friends  frequently so the kitchen is a natural extension of the living and dining areas. It also blends beautifully with their outdoor living space!


Designer Bengt Erlandsson did a wonderful job capturing the look and feel our clients were dreaming of for their kitchen. He even had display shelves built for all the treasures that they have collected from around the world!



When it comes to cooking, the Wolf gas burners on this cooktop are the best you can get. Because of dual gas lines in each burner there is such precise control of temperatures that even the most delicate sauces or candies will not scorch. And on high they put out 20,000 btus which makes for a very quick boil!


The ventilation for the Wolf cooktop is the Best Cirrus hood. Notice how it is discreetly mounted to the ceiling and does not obstruct our client’s view into the living room. That way she can keep an eye on all her grandkids during their visits!


A Wolf steam oven and Wolf wall oven are a cooking dream team. They are paired up and installed flush with the cabinets for a sleek modern look. And they’re sitting at just the right height for easy access!


It’s hard to tell what is a cabinet and what is a refrigerator/freezer when it is integrated with panels on the front. This SubZero 36″ refrigerator column keeps food fresher longer with the perfect temperature, humidity and air purity balance. Leafy greens will stay fresh up to 4 weeks!


A close view of the integrated SubZero 36″ freezer column shows how seamlessly it blends into the cabinets around it.  This is possible only with a special hinge that allows the doors to open and close with only 1/4 inch of clearance around them.






A Scotsman nugget icemaker and G.E. Profile microwave with trim kit are positioned just right for maximum convenience.



And finally, this panel ready Asko dishwasher is the best at cleaning the dirtiest of dishes. Great design and all the finest appliances make this kitchen a winner!





Photography by: Lindsey Orton.






We always have so much fun cooking with Nicea on ABC’s Midday News! Today we made some easy Christmas fudge that is great to give as gifts or to serve at your holiday gatherings.



Easy Christmas Fudge:

4 cups sugar
1 stick of butter
1 can evaporated milk
1 large Hershey bar broken up(7oz.)
1 pkg. milk chocolate chips (12oz.)
2 cups miniature marshmallows
2 cups chopped walnuts
1 tsp. vanilla
Combine buter sugar and evaporated milk in a pot and bring to a boil. Continue at a medium boil for 7 minutes. Remove from heat and slowly stir in the rest of the ingredients. Pour into a grease 9X13 pan and allow to cool. Cut into squares to serve or give as gifts. This fudge freezes really well.


Is your dishwasher ready to take on all those dirty holiday meal dishes? If not, here are some tips to get the most out of yours during its hardest working season!

You may find that your dishwasher isn’t working like you expected even if it is fairly new. You may even wonder why they don’t make them like they used to. The truth is that dishwashers and dishwashing detergent have changed completely and we need to adjust to how we use them. It used to be that dishwashers used 35 gallons of water and phosphate-based detergents. In 2010 phosphates were eliminated from detergents, leaving a lot of users disappointed and manufacturers in a panic. At the same time, the Department of Energy has become more stringent on the amount of water and energy a dishwasher can consume before it can be released for production.

Duerdens - Zion Summit

The good news is that dishwashers, if used properly, can actually do a better job than they used to. Here is our advice on how to get the best performance from your machine:

  1. Use the right detergent. Manufacturers have tried every detergent available and rated Finish Quantum soft tablets the best. We have also tried these in the dishwashers in our showroom and agree that they are the top performing product.
  2. Make sure your rinse aid reservoir is full. Rinse aid is very important because it causes the water to sheet over the dishes instead of beading up and causing spots. It also helps them dry better. Any brand of rinse aid is fine.
  3. Don’t rinse your dishes before loading them. Just scrape off the bigger chunks of food and throw them in. The white powder in your Finish tablet is an enzyme that will biologically react with the food on your plates. If there is no food, the powder will become a chalky film on the dishes.
  4. Run the hot water in your sink before you start the dishwasher. Most dishwashers have the ability to heat the water, but they may take the whole cycle to do it. Better dishwashers such as Asko, Bosch, G.E. and Kitchen Aid have a guaranteed water temperature and won’t start counting down the cycle until that temperature is reached.
  5. Run the dishwasher whenever you want. We know your mom taught you not to run it until it was completely full. Back then she was right because her dishwasher used 35 gallons of water and was louder than a freight train! With our new dishwashers that use 2-3 gallons of water, even a half full dishwasher is more energy and water responsible than washing dishes by hand. Also, dishwashers are so quiet now that they can be run while you’re watching TV in the same room.
  6. Clean your dishwasher with vinegar. If you live in an area with hard water you will get a build-up of white film inside the dishwasher. When you see this, pour two cups of white vinegar into an empty dishwasher and run a full cycle. It will look brand new on the inside!Good luck and happy dishwashing!




This kitchen remodel truly reflects our clients’ personalities and shows influences from their time living abroad. A happy citrus color scheme and gorgeous natural wood cabinets can’t help but make you smile the minute you walk in!

A 48″ G.E. Monogram range with 6  brass gas burners and a char-grill makes feeding a crowd easy. The large oven has true European convection for more even baking and a self cleaning feature. The smaller oven is spacious enough to fit a 9X13 pan. All this heat is vented through a strikingly modern Zephyr Trapeze hood.

The G.E. Monogram built in 48″ side by side refrigerator/freezer is just what this large family needs to store and organize an endless supply of food and drinks! With dual evaporators it can preserve food longer  and keep refrigerator odors from getting into the freezer. It’s Euro style handles have just the right elegant modern touch.

Our clients tell us that the best decision they made for the kitchen was getting 2 G.E. Monogram dishwashers. Now there is no excuse for their kids to leave a dirty dish in the sink! Better yet, the dishwashers were FREE with the Monogram Sweet Rewards Program for purchasing the range and refrigerator!


Zephyr Trapeze Hood – CTP-E48BSX
G.E. Monogram 48″ Range – ZDP486NRPSS
G.E. Monogram 48″ Built In Refrigerator – ZISS480DXSS
G.E. Monogram 3 Rack Dishwasher – ZDT870SSFSS
G.E. Monogram 2 Rack Dishwasher – ZDT800SSFS

For more photos of this kitchen visit our Houzz page.

Photos by Lindsay Salazar Photography





A 1980’s home has become a modern masterpiece with this fun remodel! Even though the budget was tight, our client was able to treat herself to the appliances that are most important to her. We love that she has a mix of appliance brands, and yet the style stays consistent. Kitchen designer Jon McGill of Chris and Dick’s Cabinets helped make her dream kitchen a reality!

Since our client loves to cook, she splurged on a top of the line dual fuel Wolf range with gas burners and true European convection baking. Now she can bake 3 racks of cookies at once! The ventilation for the range is a Zephyr Luce wall hood with a sleek modern look that fits seamlessly into the kitchen.

The Samsung 23 cubic foot french door refrigerator has a built in look to blend with the cabinets around it. Its clean modern lines work perfectly with the design. Best of all, it performs like a champ and has a budget friendly price tag!

Dishwashers should be seen and not heard. This ultra quiet Bosch model also has a discreet pocket handle that goes well with any other style of appliances.

Microwaves can be placed under the counter to be tucked out of sight. This Sharp drawer model is a practical addition to the lower cabinets between the sink and refrigerator.

Wolf 30″ Dual Fuel Range – DF304
Zephyr Luce Wall Hood – ZLUM90AS
Samsung Refrigerator – RF23HCEDBSR
Bosch Dishwasher – SHP65TL5UC
Sharp Drawer Microwave – SMD2470AS

For more photos of this kitchen visit our Houzz page.

Photos by Lindsay Salazar Photography




1316 Oquirrh Mountain Drive_05

We are thrilled to be a part of the 2016 Park City Showcase of Homes by featuring our appliances in beautiful house #16 by Timberidge Custom Homes. It is located in the spectacular Red Ledges community of  Heber City, Utah and has views that will knock your socks off! Come and see us during the showcase this weekend through Labor Day. We’ll be baking cookies and demonstrating the Wolf grill!

1616 Oquirrh Mountain Drive_21


The designer on this project is Tonya Olsen of Barclay Butera and we love the mountain modern feel that she captured so well. The spaces are light and bright with just the right amount of rustic touches to reflect the home’s setting.

1616 Oquirrh Mountain Drive_12

1616 Oquirrh Mountain Drive_28

1616 Oquirrh Mountain Drive_11

The star of the kitchen is the Wolf 48″ gas range. The 20,000 BTU gas burners are hot enough to boil water in minutes, yet gentle enough to simmer delicate sauces for hours. Saturday morning pancakes and bacon are a breeze on the built in Wolf griddle. And with two ovens the home chef can prepare meals to easily feed a hungry crowd!

1616 Oquirrh Mountain Drive_09

While it isn’t as exciting to talk about as cooking, good ventilation is critical with a range this powerful. The heat and grease need to be captured and allowed to escape out of the kitchen. This discreet Wolf hood liner is installed into a millwork cover designed and built by Heber Wood Classics. It is quiet and gets the job done!

1616 Oquirrh Mountain Drive_19

A 30″ SubZero refrigerator and a 30″ freezer both disappear behind cabinet panels and blend seamlessly into the kitchen. SubZero is the finest in food preservation, making food stay fresher and last longer.

1616 Oquirrh Mountain Drive_31-2

It’s tough to spot the dishwasher since it has a cabinet panel, but it will be even harder to hear it! The Asko dishwasher can keep up with this family because of its 40 gallon per minute water pump and on board water heater. The Wolf drawer microwave is tucked below the sink for easy access and efficient use of space.


SubZero 30″ Integrated Refrigerator – IC-30R
SubZero 30″ Integrated Freezer – IC-30FI
Wolf 48″ Gas Range – GR486G
Wolf 48″ Hood Liner – PL462218
Asko Dishwasher – D5424XLS
Wolf Drawer Microwave – MD24S
Wolf Ice Maker (in pantry) – UC-151

For more photos of this project visit our Houzz page. 

Photos by Willie Holdman Photographs, Park City Utah


This downtown Salt Lake City condo remodel maximizes every inch of the limited space available in the kitchen.  Working with designer Bengt Erlandsson, our clients chose to combine several different brands of appliances including Wolf, Samsung and G.E. Profile in a way we haven’t seen before and the results are fantastic!

Duerdens - Zion Summit

Duerdens - Zion Summit

The high-rise  building doesn’t allow natural gas for a gas cooktop, and so the G.E. Profile induction cooktop  is the perfect choice. The heat can be ventilated and recirculated with this Zephyr hood instead of having to vent to the outside. A Wolf 36″ wall oven is big enough to handle full sized catering trays which is important for entertaining.

Duerdens - Zion Summit

The design called for a freestanding refrigerator and this Samsung 4 door beauty fits the style and space of the kitchen. It has a flex zone in the bottom left door that can either be a refrigerator or a freezer.

Duerdens - Zion Summit

The addition of a Wolf steam oven under the counter is something our clients adore. If you have ever wondered what steam ovens do better than regular ovens, the answer is….everything!

Duerdens - Zion Summit

Because of the wide open floor plan of the condo, the kitchen needs a dishwasher that is quiet as well as stylish. The Bosch dishwasher is so quiet that you don’t even know it’s running until you see the indicator light!

Duerdens - Zion Summit

Scotsman nugget ice maker completes the kitchen. Once you have tasted this chewable ice in your drinks, you will never want to go back to regular ice cubes again!

Zephyr Luce Wall Hood – ZLU-M90AS
G.E. Profile 36″ Induction Cooktop – PHP960SMSS
Wolf Wall Oven – SO36U/F
Samsung 4 Door Refrigerator – RF32FMQDBSR
Wolf Steam Oven – CSO24TE/S/TH
Bosch Dishwasher – SHP65TL5UC
Scotsman Nugget Ice Maker – SCN60PA1SS

Cabinets by Peppertree Kitchen and Bath.

For more photos of this kitchen visit our Houzz page.

Photos by Lindsay Salazar Photography


We are so excited to host our very first pop-up shop with SugarBliss Cookies! Today from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. sisters Laurie and Jeanette will be demonstrating their fun cookie making and decorating techniques. These darling summer themed cookies will be available for purchase so don’t miss out!  Plus we’ll be doing a GIVEAWAY of an airbrush for one lucky winner! Here’s a peek at how the cookies take shape.

A great cookie always starts out with the best recipe. Laurie and Jeanette have perfected a tried and true family favorite sugar cookie recipe that never lets them down. These adorable cookies taste as good as they look!

Once the cookies are baked and cooled the next step is to outline them with a thin bead of frosting. This takes a steady hand and lots of practice. I know because I gave it a try and my lines were embarrassingly wobbly!

Then it’s time to fill in the cookies with the royal icing and let them dry. That’s when the real fun starts!

An airbrush machine and a few drops of food coloring elevate these cookies to an art form. It is amazing how Laurie and Jeanette make this look so easy! If you would like to win your very own airbrush, head over to our Instagram account @duerdens or @sugarblisscookies for details on how to enter.

The final touches are added and these beach beauties are ready! Buy some for yourself and take some home for gifts. Summer never tasted so sweet!

If you’d like information about ordering custom cookies for any occasion, go to Laurie and Jeanette’s SugarBliss Cookies website.